About Baton

About Baton

Baton is a market for small business acquisitions, and a whole lot more. We’re creating a new standard for business valuations, fueled by actual financial data.

Managing a small business is complicated. Even though small businesses make up more than half of the US economy, it's hard to get reliable data. How can anyone be expected to sell their small business if there’s no standard for figuring out what a small business is worth?

We built Baton to unlock small business data for everyone. Owners use our platform to instantly get a more accurate valuation using public data and their own financials. Then, we help them increase it with industry benchmarks and support from vetted partners. And when it’s time to sell, we connect them with a seasoned broker and values-aligned buyers from our nationwide network.

We believe every small business owner deserves the support they need to take their next step. That journey starts with Baton.

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